Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nifty fifty, twenty first century style

As I wrote earlier, I got myself a Ricoh GXR camera with A12 50/2.5 macro module. In the last several days I've been taking the little fellow out for a workout every single day.

You can easily google this camera and find both detailed technical analysis and countless pictures taken with it. So I suppose it would make sense I skipped all the technical aspects. Suffices it to say, it took me less than a week to get myself fully accustomed to this camera.

The greatest thing about it is that it gives me back the 50 mm. That is, for all practical purposes it is an excellent nifty fifty lens attached to a very easy to use camera. I am thinking that for the time being I am going to "confine" myself to this camera-lens combination.

It is pure joy to review the results and edit the files this camera produces. In fact, I am thinking that in terms of editing flexibility the DNGs from Ricoh surpass those from Pentax K-5. I don't want to pass a judgment here as the jury is still out - you see, I upgraded to LightRoom 4.1 just recently, so it could be that part of the improvements I am seeing are due to the processing software, not the camera itself.

Yet, I am totally in love with this little fellow - a pity really, that I did not get to know it earlier.

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Godfrey DiGiorgi said...

Nice photos!

Glad to hear that the GXR is working well for you. The A12 50mm Macro camera unit has a super lens.

Nothing is perfect, but it's one heck of a fine piece far as I'm concerned. Pick up one of the A12 Camera Mount camera units, add a Pentax to Leica M adapter, and you can use your favorite Pentax SLR lenses with it too. ;-)