Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beno Rothenberg "Photographed and Reported"

Today we went to Eretz Israel Museum (Tel Aviv). On display there was an exhibition of Beno Rothenberg "Photographed and Reported, 1947-1957". I daresay this man was somewhat like Henri Cartier-Bresson of Israel. He photographed and thereby documented great many events that took place in my country during the hard times just before and after the establishment of State of Israel.

I had no choice but to buy the catalog from the exhibition.

Here is the link to one of the articles that are included in the book from the exhibition.

This is external link and I couldn't know for how long it will be there...

Limited Lenses - Unlimited Choices

I am having a vacation. Well, it is coming to an end in a few days. My daughter will start her school studies...

During this vacation I decided to limit the contents of my photo bag to Pentax Limited (full frame) prime lenses (31/1.8, 43/1.9, and 77/1.8). It turns out that at least for me it does work. Limited lenses and limited focal lengths seem to once more give me more photographic freedom.

Here are some samples:

Tel Aviv, Rothschild blvd, SMCP 31/1.8 AL Limited at f/2.5

Haifa Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, SMCP 31/1.8 AL Limited at f/1.8

Haifa Carmel Park, SMCP 31/1.8 AL Limited at f/8

Tel Aviv Azrieli Towers Observation Deck, SMCP 43/1.9 Limited at f/7.1
I added some vignetting in post processing

Tel Aviv Azrieli Center, the bottom of the Round Tower, SMCP 43/1.9 Limited at f/6.3

Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens, SMCP 77/1.8 Limited at f/3.5

Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens, SMCP 77/1.8 Limited at f/2.5

Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens, SMCP 77/1.8 Limited at f/5.0

All in all, it seems rather good vacation, don't you agree ;-)?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tina Manley

Fulfilling the promise long overdue.

It has been my impression that most of the people who are involved in photo-journalism or street photography tend to concentrate on less pleasant motifs, to say the least. Indeed, the depiction of human distress can easily touch the viewer. However, I tend to believe that to photograph people in a way that will show how happy they are is significantly more difficult. We see happy faces around us very often. Now, to make a shot that will be both happy and will grab our attention is really difficult.

I think Tina Manley does that beautifully.

Be sure to take time and review her work. Her portfolio is most striking.