Sunday, June 07, 2009

Friendly sites

In order to rectify the delay between posting Peso #019 and the follow up entry and due to additional reasons ;-), the "Friendly sites" section has been added. It would list the sites that are connected to my photography in some way.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cheap macro solution

Earlier in this blog I mentioned having SMCP FA 100/3.5 Macro lens which goes only to half lifesize as it is. This lens is said to be designed by Cosina and it is sold under a number of different brand names. Vivitar, Cosina, Phoenix are some of them. All but Pentax include an additional piece - the "matched macro adaptor (1:1)" (the spelling is original, though word 'adaptor' is marked by red underline on my screen, supposedly indicating that it is misspelled). With the help of my friends I recently got this adapter (I'd rather not upset my spell checker ;-) ). I should say that I am impressed. It is very solid two element (?) multi-coated filter that can be used on any lens with 49 mm filter thread In fact, I tried it on DA 21, FA 43 and FA 77 lenses and found it perfectly useful. Optically it seems to have no visible negative impact on image quality, including corner sharpness, though I admit I did not inspect my images in pixel peeping mode. It seems to bring some chromatic aberrations (if shooting a printed or written text from an angle), but its merits far outweigh any possible disadvantages.

Highly recommended especially if you have several lenses with 49 mm filter thread.

PESO 2009 #021

Just recently I received Matched Macro Adaptor (1:1) for my SMCP FA 100/3.5 lens. Thus I have finally completed my hunt for a cheap (but still very good otherwise) macro lens. Here are some examples:

The shot below was made by Galia and without the adapter.

PESO 2009 #019 follow up

With considerable delay and thus sincere apologies I'd like to post a link to the web site of my friend's wife. The site is in Hebrew but an English page is under construction which hopefully will soon finish. Also you can read her blog under this link (also in Hebrew).