Tuesday, June 08, 2010

PESO 2010 #23 - Cell Phone project

I've a Samsung Galaxy Lite cell phone with Android OS. A mere ordinary gadget of modern times, if you ask me. It has most primitive 3MP snapper. However, it seems to be rather interesting toy. I am going to try and see if I can take pictures with it, process them exclusively in Photoscape and make them watchable in my blog. It is unlikely that they will be printable, but hopefully watchable on the net. Photoscape, by the way, is a very neat freeware image processing system.

PESO 2010 #22 - A riddle

PESO 2010 #21 - Chicago, day 3

The conclusion of this short yet most pleasant visit to Chicago area was a lovely walk across the Oak Park, IL.
The weather was perfect, the light most cooperative.

I cannot possibly thank enough Mark Roberts, Christine Aguila and others who made this project happen. I cannot possibly even come close to thanking enough Bob and Lynn for their hospitality. And last but most definitely not least - I am very happy and honored to be a member of PDML - the most unique community on the web.

PESO 2010 #20 - Chicago, day 2

On the next day we had a wonderful and friendly PDML gathering visiting the Chicago Art Museum and Eggleston Exhibition therein. Afterward we went on to roam the Millennium park and happily taking pictures all over the place.

Luckily for us the Celtic Fest was taking place square in the Millennium park.

PESO 2010 #19 - Chicago, day 1

In the beginning of May I visited a city of Chicago, IL for purpose of meeting my fellow PDMLers. The occasion was opening of Augenblick exhibition by DANK haus cultural center. The exhibition was taking place after PDML Photo Annual 2010 has been made available.

Bob Sullivan of PDML has generously invited me and Jostein Oksne to stay with them throughout our visit. So it naturally started by the morning diner meal.

Then we processed to the exhibition opening and it was quite a blast!