Friday, August 31, 2012

PESO 2012 #35 - Etude

Professor Zalgaller talks about A.D. Alexandrov

I happen to know a grandson of Prof. Zalgaller for a two digit number of years by now. Recently he approached me with the challenge - could I make a video of his granddad talking about his mentor on the occasion of Alexandrov's centenary.

How could I disagree? Of course I couldn't.

The Fourth Geometry Meeting dedicated to the centenary of A.D. Alexandrov took place in Saint-Petersburg between Aug 20 and Aug 24. The little home video style footage three of us did is linked to on that page. Or you can find it after this direct link. Please notice that the video is in Russian.

From the technical standpoint it was shot with K-5, DA* 16-50/2.8, a small Sony stereo mike, and a tripod. I think I should mention here that the microphone was generously provided by Prof D. Novikov of Weizmann Institute of Science, whom I also know since my M.Sc. student days in Weizmann.