Sunday, April 29, 2007

On lenses

The Holy Quest for the ultimate set of (D)SLR lenses seems to be really an eternal kind of question. Regardless of reasons why it is so, it seems an interesting thing to ponder. I used to think that more lenses is better just like a painter I thought would benefit from having various brushes - a special brush for each occasion. Currently the above idea seems quite incorrect to me. In fact, I tend to believe in rather opposite idea. The less lenses one has, the more completely one gets to know the lenses - the better the ultimate result is.

Currently I have more than a dozen lenses. I decided to sell at least half of them so that I will be left with my three favorite primes, one fast zoom and one (to be bought) super zoom lens in order to have wider and longer than regular focal lengths covered.

I wonder what honored reader would have to say.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

One thousand more shutter clicks

It appears that acquisition of K10D made me significantly more trigger happy. I noticed that I crossed the 2000 frames mark already.

Park Sorek gallery is here for your enjoyment.