Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pentax DA Limited lenses on film

Although I generally dislike the idea of formal lens testing, a fellow PDMLer - Derby Chang took time and made these brick wall shots. He gave me the files and his permission to publish them. So if you are still interested as to how DA 21, 40 and 70 lenses perform on film - here are some full res shots for you.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shameless plug a.k.a. a bit of self-promotion

I have decided to try myself in selling my photos over the web. So here is my first attempt. Please point your browser here and have a look. If you would be as kind as to spread the word further, you'd get my wholehearted appreciation.

PAW 2008, Week 05

Below is actually a pure photograph. I only played with general tonality and saturation. I think it can be used as a Windows wallpaper, don't you agree?

The lens is SMCP FA 43/1.9 Limited.

PAW 2008, Week 04

It turns out that the keyboardist of "Burn" - one of the local rock groups is working with me. And so he invited me to the concert. It was really fab.

Here he is getting ready for the concert.

For some reason guys decorated their studio like this:

And here is the soloist having a good time with the microphone:

All photos were made with SMCP FA 77/1.8 Limited.