Saturday, August 03, 2013

2013 #35 - Eye contact

Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical II

A new lens has recent arrived from The title has its name, which is rather longish... So here are my first impressions:

It is positively tiny, given that it is so wide and that it does cover full 35mm frame. I opted for the second edition of this lens, mostly because it has Leica-M bayonet and hence no adapter is required. Additionally, unlike its predecessor it boasts 52mm filter thread, so that one day I might buy it a protective filter. Yes, I am protective filter kind of person...

Gives its angle of view and relatively slow f/4.5 aperture, it requires minimal focusing that is easily done by means of scale. Even if you miss some, it will be really quite hard to notice. Therefore, it can be conveniently used without need to attach the EVF to my Ricoh GXR camera.

Image quality
Is probably second to none. That is, it is sharp from corner to corner even wide open. Also, it does not seem to have any geometric distortion whatsoever, and this is really very nice. I could catch a flare but I did not observe any contrast deterioration and in fact the flare wasn't very prominent. I admit - I looked for it.

Sample images
Below are few samples processed to taste in LightRoom 4.4.

This one is definitely a keeper.

2013 #34 - Etude

2013 #33 - Argentinosaurus stands

The curious thing about this shot is that if you follow this Wikipedia link and scroll down a little, you'd see a photograph made on the same location... So, it seems we're getting a bit of fame here...