Friday, January 14, 2011

Year 2010, Top Twelve x 2

This year Galia and I chose each top twelve photographs which I uploaded to Flickr. Well, I did help Galia a little to choose her top twelve, but it is her work nonetheless.

You can see Galia's selection here and mine here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

PESO 2010 #57 Follow up

A bit of boasting on my part here.

A fellow PDMLer Paul Sorenson whom I met last year in person requested to have the full size file of this shot. Naturally I gave him the file and he printed it for his wife. I am very pleased as you can see.

Paul being a most capable photographer himself can be contacted by e-mail via this address.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

PESO 2011 #01 - Fisheye fun

One of my co-workers recently brought his Nikon D300 and 10.5 mm fisheye Nikkor lens. He generously agreed to let me make few shots.

I did not touch the settings in the camera and applied only minimal processing in LR 3.3. However, I thought I might try automatic correction by lens profiles and here is what came out. I should admit to be very positively surprised by the quality of defishing algorithm. In fact I wonder if camera makers can have a special mechanism by which they would show the boundaries of the corrected (defished) image while shooting with the fish eye lenses. It certainly may prove useful.

On that occasion I'd like to thank everyone who's reading my blog. It seems there are at least two dozen people who do so quite regularly. I am most humbled and inspired by your interest. Let's hope that the next year will prove photographically fruitful to everyone who's having fun taking pictures.

Happy New 2011, everyone!