Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PESO 2012 #30 - Sushi lamps

New kid on the block

The above photo has been taken with Ricoh GXR and A12 50mm macro module.

I've been considering this choice for very long time by now. The dilemma of mine is whether to move towards full size DSLR camera (Leica M9 is out of my financial reach, thank you so much) or to move in compact camera with big sensor direction. Finally the convenience has won.

I did my homework and decided that Ricoh GXR was the camera for me. After three days shooting with it I can already say that the choice definitely wasn't wrong. May be there were other, better choices, but this camera is absolutely marvelous for my kind of shooting.

Lots has been said and written about it and simple googling of the subject would bring you lots of information. I will be producing a review similar to the ones I produced previously. It will take time however as I plan to match to this camera before writing the review.

Presently I am amazed by the amount of things that can be customized, the ergonomics and the fact that current firmware version of the camera and the lens module is 1.51 whereas Ricoh has been constantly upgrading the firmware and adding new features.

Although in a sense the Pentax Ways makes a turn now, from the corporate perspective I am staying on board. This is kind of funny, methinks.

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