Saturday, March 05, 2016

Enter the Olympus

It turns out I might have chosen a rather limiting name to this blog. Some time ago I mostly switched from Pentax K-5 to Ricoh GXR-M as my tool of choice. However, AF and other advantages of K-5 have their use.

Unfortunately, recently it has become progressively more difficult to use my K-5. With DA* 16-50/2.8 lens, even not taking into account battery grip and sometimes flash, it weighs 1.3 kg, which meets very strong opposition from my wrists.

So, after a bit of research, deliberation, and general doubtfulness, I have decided on my next move. Pentax K-5 is about to be retired. Instead, I have bought into micro four thirds (m43) with Olympus E-M1 and Olympus 12-40/2.8 zoom lens.

It seems to me now that this combo is just the right tool for my needs whenever I need AF, zoom, touch AF, flip out screen, and other modern goodies. 

The operating of the camera is different, though the responsiveness of E-M1 is excellent, focus is accurate and very fast. All in all, in terms of camera operations, this is a good step up from K-5, though it will take me time to fully get used to it and to sync to its rhythm. 

The lens is very sharp even wide open, and in terms of size, it balances very nicely on a largish EM-1 camera body.

As far as IQ goes, K-5 has less noise and more room for error in the dark tones department. However, EM-1 compensates rather nicely by being smarter than me and exposing to the right, but not too right. 

So, I am a happy camper in the process of learning my new gear.

To be continued...

P.S. I am not changing the name of my blog. By Pentax Ways is certainly making a turn or a twist...


Manuel Kahana said...
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Manuel Kahana said...

I still prefer my full frame camera despite the weight, mainly because I get much larger "room for error" and adjustment you wrote about. However, I have the benefit of using one of the more popular DSLR platforms out there, so lenses (both original and 3rd party) are plentiful. I also own a very modern micro 4/3rd camera too, and I must admit that the benefits of full frame while still there, begin to shrink.

Obviously I would love to see a non-Sony or Leica full-frame mirrorless. That would certainly be the best of both worlds.

ChrismPhoto said...

Hi Boris. I've no regrets moving to mirrorless from Pentax. In my case, Fuji x-pro and x-e1 bodies coupled with some fantastic prime lenses and an adaptor for the old MF Pentax lenses. Everything is nice and light - I tend to use just a wrist strap and can carry either of the around all day. The x-e2 goes nicely in my bike's bar bag so nice and easy to get at when cycling.

It was a coin toss as to whether to go oly m43 or Fuji and the Fuji won only because a mate of mine has one and recommended it.

Now thinking about the x-pro-2 of course :-)


Manuel Kahana said...

No one is even considering Panasonic m43? What's so wrong with them? What am I missing? :)

Boris Liberman said...

Manuel, I am afraid you're getting that Pentax syndrome... Only you and maybe less than a handful of other people use Panasonic m43 :-)... But I'm tellin' ya, Pentax syndrome is a wonderful thing.

Boris Liberman said...

Chris, you see, I needed specifically a fast standard zoom lens. This is the one I got right from the start for my Olympus... However, 16-50/2.8 for Fuji weighs in excess of 600 g, which of course due to the sensor size. It is in the same area as Pentax 16-50/2.8, for example. For me it is a show stopper due to my wrists... I think that actually Olympus E-M1 is just about perfect - it is about the size of old film amateur AF SLR, and just a bit heavier, as I remember back then the race between the manufacturers - who would make a lighter camera... And the lens is just a bit bigger than Pentax 50/1.2, which is the biggest prime lens I would feel comfortable using on my Pentax K-5.