Friday, November 09, 2012

Nikonian brothers pay me a visit

Two of my very good friends are Nikonians. They're brothers and their older brother is Pentaxian. So the Nikonian brothers came to see me today. One of them rented D800 and another recently bought D600. Also D700 was brought along as well. So we had great time and these Nikon cameras pack quite a punch.

It turns out that Nikon D800 is more similar to D600 in terms of size/weight/ergonomics than it is to D700. D700 is big and heavy, D800 is not small and not light but its ergonomics are surprisingly good for a person with small hands such as myself.

Interestingly enough, from very brief encounter I should say that Nikkor 24-70/2.8 is better balanced on D700 than on D800. With D800 the combo is ever so slightly nose heavy.

It was dark and raining outside and under the light of a single 60 watt tungsten lamp my Pentax K-5 was no match for Nikon heavy weights... Both Nikons pack some serious pixelage and truly D800 is an amazing camera.

Now I am just as torn as one of the brothers - which one to buy - D600 or D800. Well, not really torn, because presently I am sticking with Pentax, but if I were on lookout for a system to switch to - it would be pretty hard choice.

And here is a quick and dirty grab made by my absolutely tiny Ricoh GXR with A50 macro module focused manually via EVF with the help of focus peaking and 2x magnification...

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airatsa said...

And try to use an external flash.
I think you'll love Nikon even more.