Thursday, February 16, 2012

PESO 2012 #02 - Southern Israel

Some time last year I posted a comparison between Sony A-850 and Pentax K-7. Before departing I thought I might as well take with me a film camera to see how I would manage to shoot with good old film. I had Pentax MX with FA 20/2.8 loaded with Fuji Reala 100. Below are some images from that day.

I have to say that these three and other film photos I took throughout the last year make me admit that film has some kind of magic that seems to have been lost with digital, but I digress...

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kisats69 said...

Boris, believe me or not, but I got back feeling of film magic after your advice buying FF camera. It is magic of native lens view, non disapointing detail review after getting results.
Very nice photos with film effects.