Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gabriel Hadar - the story teller

Back in August 2010 we paid a visit to the Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv. One of the attractions was the "Hour of the Story" presented by Gabriel Hadar. The kids loved it. In fact, I should say that I loved it too. But I was also with my camera and so I took pictures. After the show Gabriel approached me, gave me his card and asked for the pictures. Fortunately to me, the pictures came out really well. And so I sent them to Gabriel. A short e-mail exchange happened and finally, just a few days ago Gabriel sent me the link to his web site. For those who don't read Hebrew, the little writing beneath Gabriel's pictures says "Photography: Boris Liberman".

Great many thanks, Gabriel! And I should say that I wholeheartedly recommend you this wonderful artist and a man of his word.

The link obviously is going to be added to the friendly sites section of my blog.

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