Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pentax K-5 clicking noise in video problem solved

The problem is that when K-5 Motion JPEG video is converted by practically any program, the resulting video file has clicking noises that are heard approximately every second. This problem is well-known at can be easily googled up on the web. Suggested solution is usually to install better MJPEG codec that will help the converting software to produce noise-free video. Minor gotcha here is that MJPEG codecs are usually commercial and I even came across some place on the net where it was said that no free MJPEG codec exists. Additionally, I use WinXP 64 bit so that it is a bit of an esoteric OS from modern software perspective.

Here is what I found and what works wonderfully for me.
  1. MP4Cam2Avi Easy Converter - this is portable (as in - no installation necessary) software that, as it claims, produces an AVI file that unlike the original that came from the camera, can be edited in VirtualDub and other programs. In my case, it produced AVI files about 1:5 of size of the original.
  2. XMedia Recode - this is also portable software (*) that converts between different video formats. For example, I asked it to convert the output of MP4Cam2Avi to MP4 and it gave me the file of about 1:10 of the size of the input (total 1:50 of the original from the camera) that was visibly just as good and totally noise-free.
(*) The web site is in German language, but easily navigated without any specific knowledge of German language.

Usual disclaimers:
  1. I am in no way affiliated with the makers of the above programs. So use them at your own risk.
  2. My interest is video is most casual one. The quality of the final output produced by this process is absolutely sufficient for me, but your mileage may naturally be different than mine.


Wilfried van Oosterhout said...

Finally, I found a solution to the clicking sounds. The program you suggested is the only one that solves it for me. Sadly though, it also deletes about half of each and every video file I convert. Those missing seconds don't even show up in the preview part of MP4cam2AVI. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

Boris said...

Wilfried, I couldn't possibly tell. I don't use this program too often nor did I encounter the problems that you describe.

Additionally I've found that I could do similar things from within LightRoom (4.3 is the most current version as of this writing).