Sunday, March 29, 2009

Starting a photo gear section

Generally, I feel very reluctant to write anything about photo gear in my blog. From time to time I would buy a new lens or another photo gear item, but it is almost improbable to stumble upon something rare and/or unique that would be worth dedicating a special page to that. I've some other ideas in mind when it comes to writing about photo gear, but this time I think I should put (notice, not write) few words on the subject in my blog.

I am reading Luminous Landscape for a number of years now. I just like this site. The most recent review of Canon EOS 5DMkII by Nick Devlin is just brilliant. Bloody brilliant as some would say. I'd like to list just a number of quotes that I wholeheartedly agree with.

"...since Canon is still putting a “Direct Print” button on a 21MP full-frame camera, I can only assume that real photographers are in short supply in the design and specification departments."

The following quote is something one must always keep in mind. I used bold to put emphasis on very important notion, at least in my opinion.

"In commercial print reproduction, a Canon G10 now pumps out more than enough pixels for a double-truck layout. Printed on inkjet or photographic paper, images from just about any higher-end DSLR will look great up to 11x14. It is only in the rarified air of really, really big prints, done with really, really good post-processing, on really, really well profiled systems that the differences we are speaking of will be visible.

To some extent, we are all quibbling about the price of champagne in the promised land, and we should remember that."

And finally, the topping of the cream, so to say:

"Switching between Canon, Sony and Nikon’s top-end offerings will improve nothing but your relationship with your camera dealer."

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