Monday, October 16, 2006

Low Light, Extremely Low Light


As Jeffery Smith suggested to me I started trying low light near open aperture photography. This is great fun to me. Indeed it is illogical to have fast lenses, such as Pentax Limited series and use them at middle apertures, such as f/8.

Yesterday we took our daughter to the beautiful show performed by children of honorable and famous Yury Kuklachev. So I took with me my longest prime lens, the Pentax 77/1.8 Limited and took advantage of first row sits. I admit I am very unexperienced in this kind of shooting. In fact, I am total kludge.

The lens performed very well here. Which cannot really be said about the photographer. I did not exactly manage to resolve the equation of watching the show, sometimes through the viewfinder waiting for the right moment, and performing focus tracking manually...

Undoubtedly Dmitry and Marina Kuklachev are doing very well walking the path of Dmitry's father. Our daughter Galia was very happy she agreed to come with us.


fototim said...
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fototim said...

Not bad for a kludge ;-)

Seriosly. I think you did fine Boris. The exposure is pretty good, and they are both sharp. Thats good. Next step is to work on the composition.