Friday, November 05, 2010

PESO 2010 #47.1

I have been asked to provide comparison images for my Topaz Cat PESO.

First, completely unprocessed crops:

Then, my attempt to LightRoom 3.2 noise reduction:

Sans the minor difference in brightness between these four and the Topaz Cat images due to my general post processing of the full image for presentation it seems that LightRoom does really good job at noise reduction. I still prefer Topaz but it is of course influenced by the fact that I recently paid money for it.

Finally, as Miserere rightfully requested to show him some prints, all this pixel peeping is of very specific and limited value, but I had to have my portion of "fun", hadn't I?


Miserere said...

Hey Boris, if you need your pixel-peeping fix, you need it. Don't worry about justifying it to us :-p

Boris said...

That's right, Miserere. Sometimes to entice the light one has to take the camera and sometimes one has to pixel-peep ;-).