Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PESO 2009 #025

Another reason for my silence here is that right after I returned from the (business) trip to USA, my new camera arrived. Naturally, it is Pentax K-7, probably the most hyped, rumored and discussed camera of the few recent months. Mine seems to be a good copy, within reasonable tolerances though admittedly it did not click with me right away like K10D did some 2.5+ years ago. I should be writing more about K-7 later on, as I familiarize myself with the plenitude of its abilities, options, features, etc.

Meanwhile, Galia inherited (as per early agreement) my K10D. Here is she doing something her father does all too often.


Suecae Sounds said...

That shot of your daughter with your old camera is captivating. Did you shoot it with your K7?

Boris said...

Thanks, yes, this shot is done with K-7.

doncneal said...

How old is Galia ... I have a granddaughter who looks the same ..