Monday, December 29, 2008

Enter Anat Liberman

On Friday, Dec 26th my wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl whom we called Anat. Everyone is happy, father is ecstatic. Galia has already started reading some books for her baby sister.

By the way, I reckon I should stop mentioning the lens which was used in order to take the picture. Methinks it is nearly insignificant.

Also, "Just like you" is the title of the book Galia is reading.


pashar said...

Мазаль тов!

kisats69 said...

Boris, and Yulia, Congratulations!!!! :)
You made my day. What a great news!
I wish lot of happiness to you all, and smove digestion process for Anat!

Stan, Ira, Miriam, David, Esther