Friday, May 16, 2008

PAW 2008, Week 19

This year the Independence Day (actually it is 60th birthday of State of Israel) happened to be exactly in the middle of 19th week ;-). Curious holiday, the Independence Day is. This year one of the bigger banks ordered a whole bunch of country flags in China. Unfortunately Chinese sub-contractors rotated the Star of David a little. All these flags came out badly. I think there is a law somewhere that demands that only geometrically correct flags be used. Anyway, we had a trip in the vicinity of Rothschild boulevard in Tel Aviv and I collected quite a few incorrect flags. Here they are.

SMCP A 50/1.2 at f/5.6.

SMCP A 50/1.2 at f/4.5

SMCP A 50/1.2 at f/4.5

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