Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My new toy (lens)

Once upon a time I decided I needed a prime lens wider than SMCP FA 31/1.8 AL Limited that I have. I have some zoom lenses that are wider, but no prime. A long process of consideration and measuring my mileage ;-) ended up with decision to buy SMCP DA 21/3.2 AL Limited lens. And so it arrived today.

It is positively tiny with very odd hood. For now I decided to put the hood aside. I have an alternative solution thanks to the common for Pentax filter thread - 49 mm. Few test shots showed that this lens is very sharp. Also the quick shift focus meachanism is a charm. I wonder what kept Pentax from introducing it a long long long time ago.

Here is one of the shots that although does not fit as a test shot but still is quite pleasing. I used a polar filter this time.

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Alunfoto said...

Congrats, mate!

Use it well and show us the candy. :-)